Steps for development of Agriculture in Afghanistan

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A key factor for development of Afghanistan is Agriculture. This factor can rebuild our main infrastructures if we keep attention about.


Agriculture and farming is Afghanistan’s biggest business. Afghanistan was known for its agricultural products in the region before the civil war. But war, drought and competition between countries have been setbacks for the nation’s agricultural capability. Nation’s future depends on doing more in this part. Many farmers grow what they need to feed their families. They need to grow crops to bring to market and to do that effectively and they need to have a network of potential buyers. For this reason, understanding these economic facts can be a way to help Afghan farmers by connecting them with buyers and help them to improve quality standards for what they grow.

1. Lack of market for farmer’s products: one of the problems that all Afghan farmers face is lack of a market for their products. To solve this problem Afghans farmer should improve quality, quantity and packaging of their crops, until they can sell their products on the world market.

2. Agriculture loans:is a way that government and private sectors can help farmers. Loan programs and Credit are very important in boosting farming, because it allows farmers to buy better seed, fertilizer and equipment to improve their crop yields.

3. Increasing of lands for farming: is factor is also important for both farmers and land owner. It is also important to increase agriculture tradition in Afghanistan.

4. Water: the most important factor that we should think on is to provide ways to water the lands, this is need is more essential to think on how?


By Mohammad Elias Hatimi

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