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                Steven Paul "Steve" Jobs


A person who is well known as Steve Jobs.He was born on February 24 1955 and he was adopted then he spent his childhood in  San Francisco, California, United States.He was an American Technology inventor and visionary.He was the co-founder,chairman and CEO of Apple Inc.He was also the CEO & largest shareholder Pixar Animation Studios and the member of The Walt Disney Company`s board of directors which helped him more on Pixar.He was also the chairman,founder and CEO of NeXT Inc.Steve Jobs is also very well known because of his 1970`s micro-computers revolution along with Apple`s co-founder.He died on October 5,2011 ,Palo Alto,California,United States.He had his own official bio-grapher Walter Isaacson who some time after the death of great Steve Jobs described him as:

Creative entrepreneur whose passion for perfection and ferocious drive revolutionized six industries ; personal computers(PCs),animated movies,music,phones,tablet computing and digital publishing.

                                       Walter Isaacson


Jobs countercultural lifestyle was a product of his time.He started his studies at Homestead High School(Cupertino, California)  .He was senior of the school.He had two close friends which were older engineering students(Homestead High alumnus)Steve Wozniak  and his girlfriend (Homestead High) Junior Chrisann Brennan.Jobs briefly attended Reed college in 1972 before dropping out,deciding to travel through India in 1972 and study Buddhism.

              Steve Wozniak      &        Chrisann Brennan


In respect of his personal life ,Jobs remained a private man who rarely disclosed information about his family.What is known is Jobs fathered a daughter with his girlfriend Chrisann Brennan when he was 23.Jobs denied paternity of his daughter Lisa in court documents,claiming he was sterile.With Chrisann struggling financially for much of her life,Jobs did not initiate a relationship with his daughter until she was 7,but when she was a teenager she came to live with her father.

In early 1990s,Jobs met Laurene Powell at Stanford business school,where Powell was an MBA student.They married on March 18,1991 and lived together in Palo Alto,California,with their three children.

                                           Steve Jobs Family


Steve Jobs died at the age of 56.The announcement by the officials of Apple Inc. on the death of Jobs did not include the reason of Jobs death.Jobs died because of the Pancreatic Cancer from which he was suffering from 2004.In 2004,Jobs had a surgery to remove cancer from his pancreas.Jobs died but made his name in the World he still lives in many`s hearts.One of the great fame of Jobs is because of his great success in Apple.Apple has been one of the best company around the World and has been the most trending one also.Apple has created an Operating system(MAC),I phones,I pad and other great things.Jobs was a generation changer of computers.He took the World to a new generation of animated movies and many other things.

Steven Paul "Steve" Jobs had following Significant Contributions in his life:

- inventor of the consumer computer(with appliance like plastic case)[Apple] , modern graphical user interface,with simplified mouse[Apple Lisa][then Macintosh] & object-oriented programming and operating system environments [NeXTSTEP]

-First feature-length computer-animated film [Toy story]

-Reinvigorated the landscape of PCs and start the return of Apple [i Mac][PowerBook G4(titanium) and many others]

 and other great achievements by the great Steve Jobs.

Steve & Pixar Achievements



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