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It started with a few stickers which were given for free and who doesn't love them? We at bitLanders are thankful for these little creatures for giving us another way to express ourselves when words aren't just enough. Now bitLanders had just added a great wave of sticker packs!

I was checking my account's microblog comments when I came to Mr. lry's comment with a Shrek sticker, of course I wa surprised to see it! I thought we can now add photos to the comments but then I realized it is a sticker after going to the sticker options in the comment box and found first the Kungfu Panda set!

And I was envious, I went ahead and tried to look on the other sticker sets found these other guys:

Yes there are five available sticker packs at this point, all are cute and funny ones. I wonder if they can also add Princesses there like Princess Elsa and Anna from the Disney movie Frozen as they are really famous. I bet that isn't impossible but I wonder why bitLanders didn't introduce that these are already available in the shop! Well technically, we can't see these packs when going to the shop directly, instead, one has to go to the stickers box when posting a comment or a microblog.

Hopefully, they can add it in the shop so that we can immediately be prompted as we normally visit the shop for new items. And did I mention it comes with an additional buzz for five days?

Anyway, good job bitLanders for the new update. Down below is a video I took when I purchased the Kungfu Panda sticker pack:

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