stingy man

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Stingy man


In one of days a person worked in a small factory in a big city. He liked fishing very much and he was very good at it. whenever he was free he decided went any way  for  fishing one of days he went down to the small a river this river was behind the factory and river s water was dirty and he caught some fish. Then he went to the seaside in during his holidays and stayed in a small and cheap hotel. He become  happy so much because he could caught a lot of fish and he said I have never fished in the sea before .then he gave  them  to the hotel  and they cooked all fishes for all the guests .and they enjoyed them so much after that he did this every day .when he wanted went his home  he got his bill at the end of the week he become  very sad  and saw on the bill …..for oil to fry fish (7days) 5.50$ 

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