Stood up after the defeat

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Define objectives from the outset
You must define goals for success right at the start. This can help you recognize failure before it's too late. I always ask entrepreneurs to answer the question: "If we do well the next three months, things will be like?", Their answer is the specific numbers. Such as: "We will be adding 100 new customers," or "We will double sales" .Thuong a year after starting the business, you will attend a meeting with the head private and founder. The entrepreneur will tell you that we are doing a good job, while investors said that we did not do as I expected. By reviewing the data the company's business, everyone will make a conclusion: "If we set specific goals, we will do better. If we double amount of work being done, but only completed half of them, we have achieved the initial goals ".

Adapting to change
The best teams usually have between now counsel. You may not rigidly follow the strategy introduced at the beginning of the match. That is why you can not rely on the initial strategy. But remember that you can only adjust work when you are eligible to do so. That means you must have available a system evaluation made ​​before you start working to discover what is going astray and make changes when necessary.
For example: You do not want to spend much money on marketing to get customers. As a result, your sales are declining. To achieve revenue as before, do you take time to marketing, to have to spend more money for the branding. If you do not keep track of the data to analyze the cost of attracting a new customer, you will not be able to make reasonable adjustments.
"Anatomy" failed
Failure is the mother of success. When I fail, I immediately sat down and analyze your failures. I listed a list to find out all the things I've done wrong. By looking at timelines, I can feel when things are going wrong because I learned how to analyze your failures that.

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