Stop Bullying

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A lot of kids are now getting bullied in the school.

So why other kids do bully the others?

Because sometimes the kids are not teach with the right manners from their parents.

As the new generation come and kids are now easy to learn, there’s a lot of kids that I know who get bullied by their classmates in the school.

When I hear that my little brother was bullied it makes me mad and when I go to school I want to talk to the kid who bullied my brother, but I’m not going to hurt him/she, I just want to talk to him that to stop bullying other kids.

A lot of kids are getting threaten by other bullies for example is the bully will going to wait for you outside and make fun of you.

If you get bullied, don’t hesitate to tell it to your parents, let them know what happen so they can be aware of it.

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