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Complaining is considered normal by most of people , because of stresses and problems in life that most of people are fighting against them. But actually complaining has a negative effect on our health physically and worse than physically it has harmful effect on our mind. Effects may include joint pain, headache,depression ,etc... There is one way to prevent these symptoms and the way is to just stop complaining.

Change the way of thinking: it seems very easy to say but difficult to do , but never accept that it is impossible, because it is quite possible. Begin a new way of perception of troubles and challenges of life. For example accept that life is just tumultuous to inhibit your stress about having for example perfect job or perfect child. Just move forward and accept everything as it is. Accept that everyone experiences failure in his life when you experienced such failure.

Believe that nothing stays the same , change is coming next day, next week, next month, even next year. But sometimes you experience absolutely sad changes for these kind of changes just give sometime of grieving , being sad for a while for some bad experience sometimes helpful. Think of this bad experience as an opportunity rather than a sorrow. Pick up the positive points of this bad experience even very small.

Enjoy your presentAll you own in your life is your present it is your wealth because your past never change and thinking about future is bootless. Replace negative thoughts by positives and keep going forward. Learn that life always offer the good and the bad , and even bad situations never stay the same , and even you learn many things from bad situations like patience.

Don’t let the life obstacles  prevent you from going forward, sure that there are people don’t like you to go forward and they are feeling jealous about you, even they annoy you and disturb you. Just accept that most problems are temporary and never stays forever, understanding this fact is the key of moving forward.

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Sadiq was born in Herat city of Afghanistan and joined Herat University then got the Sholarship from Cairo University and graduated from Faculty of medicine Cairo Univercity in 2012 . he is able to speak Persian, English,Arabic,he is interesting in reading, drawing and writing

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