Stop motion animator and filmmaker, Charles Pieper, at the Film Annex Studio!

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Charles Pieper, one of our favorite animation filmmakers, visited our studio recently to do an interview. A talented stop motion animator with unique style, Pieper now lives and works in Los Angeles and spends his time making short films and music videos. Even though Pieper's modus operandi is distinct, his clients are eclectic. Recently, he worked as the lead animator on a film by the Norwegian artist, Bjarne Melgaard. The film premiered as part of Melgaard's art show 'A New Novel' at the Luxembourg & Dayan gallery in New York City early November. The show runs until December 22nd, so if you're in town make sure you check it out. Another project Pieper worked on was produced by Rainn Wilson and will air on the Oprah Channel. This is what we call diversity!

Film Annex's Eren Gulfidan interviewed Pieper about pretty much everything, including his career, spectacular monster drawings, life in LA, the Internet, sharing on social media, and of course the future. You can watch the interview below.

What surprised and flattered us the most was Pieper's knowledge of the Film Annex model and how it works to the advantage of filmmakers trying to monetize their content. If anyone has any questions how promotion, distribution, and monetizing works on Film Annex, just talk to Pieper! Just kidding... (but not really). You can also talk to us.

A still from The Last Remnants, Pieper's latest short that is in the works


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