story of a trip to Antoniadis park and zoo

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  image credits : ehab- elsayed via bitlanders

i have lots of desires to write about a story of an amazing day in this summer . we had a trip for six hours in that day . we visited Antoniadis park and the local zoo in Alexandria province in Egypt 

image credits : ehab-elsayed via bitlanders

i prepared the trip needs with my family in the morning . we put the lunch meal in the food bag then we carried our bags which contain all our needs for the trip . Once we arrived there , we purchased the visiting tickets . the visiting fee is five Egp for every individual but the children fees are free 

image credits : ehab-elsayed via bitlanders

Here are some things which i could enjoy them in Antoniadis park and the zoo 

 image credits : ehab-elsayed via bitlanders

1. The flowers colours diversity : 

i could enjoy wandering between several species of flowers with different colours . pink , orange and purple coloured flowers with green stalks refresh your sole . The view of the sky with the plants in the park will encourage you to visit Antoniadis park again and again . 

image credits : ehab-elsayed via bitlanders 

2. bikes riding : 

we could rent some bikes for us to watch all the park while riding . Moving on the bike around the amazing landscapes in Antoniadis park was an enjoyable sport and we didn't feel time passing . 

3. Seeing many Animals : 

we could see many species of Animals which exist in the wild . 

image credits : ehab-elsayed via bitlanders

there were some cute camels , peafowls , lions , tigers , zebra , monkeys , Hippopotamus and many Reptiles . 

image credits : ehab-elsayed via bitlanders

4. Feeding the Animals :

We could enjoy feeding most of the animals which we saw . i fed lions through their barred cage but we fed the chummy animals inside their cages by our hands and we could touch them to calm them . 

image credits : ehab-elsayed via bitlanders

video credits : ehab-elsayed via

image credits : ehab-elsayed via bitlanders

video credits : ehab-elsayed via bitlanders

 5. visiting Antoniadis palace

we could visit a great historical monument in the park . it is Antoniadis palace which passed through ancient times in Alexandria . 

image credits : ehab-elsayed via bitlanders

Any Day Spent in A National park is A Good Day .


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