stOrY of france airport..

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A man was ablution Airport in France had asked someone

what country you belong to Pakistan, he said.

The questioner asked how Pakistan is mental. No. I do not know,

he replied that it would be a few. The question here is mental too much and I am a doctor in a mental hospital. My whole life has gone in this study why people are mad?

And madness precautions to avoid what is necessary. According to my research where there are a lot of reasons, one reason is that they are dry the back of your neck.

This effect is due to the strain on the veins.

People who place excessive moisture periodically they are stupid enough to escape.

I see that you hand wash the feet on the back of the neck with wet stroking.

I was surprised by the way who told you that the ablution while

he is wiping the neck and neck rub every person is five times a day.


And that upon our Prophet said that the doctor said the small number of people in your country are stupid.
Allahu Akbar. A doctor telling him his whole life researching the process to be a little over

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