Story Time: Riding in an Airplane For The First Time :)

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I have always dreamed of riding in an airplane ever since I was still a kid. That feeling of excitement I would always feel every time there will be an airplane that will pass by. Every that happens and we're in the middle of having a class (during my grade school days), all of us will really go out of the room and look at the airplane or the helicopter pass by.


I have always dreamed of the feeling when you are like riding in a bird and seeing the things below.


I have always wondered how it felt to be near the clouds. 




And, just recently, one of the wishes I had on my bucket list came true. :) 

Early morning, we were already there in the waiting shed waiting for a bus to travel to the airport. I had sleepless nights because of the excitement I feel. Well, it wasn't all excitement because I also feel a bit nervous about it since my uncles and my aunts who were able to ride in a plane before were saying that it will really be scary and that thought keeps creeping on my mind. 

When we reached the airport and I saw the airplanes, I felt more excited!!! We checked in and then, we just waited there in the boarding gate where we're assigned to.


Photo credits: Pumpkin642016

(A picture of me and my cousin when we were in the boarding gate)

When it was time for us to go the plane, I was starting to feel a bit shaky that I was even having a hard time to take a step to the stairs already.  And, I was chewing a gum that time and, I was even having a hard time chewing it, too. HAHA :D Good thing the crews look really kind and approachable and it made the atmosphere lighter for me. :)

Video credits: Pumpkin642016

(This is a video I got of one of the planes when it took off.)


My cousin told me to fasten my seat belt but I didn't know how to do it and he taught me how. :)


Photo credits: Pumpkin642016

#AirplaneSelfie :D :)

When the airplane is starting to take off, I was really scared but I am trying not to show it so I just closed my eyes and just held my breath for a moment but, when  we reached the top, and I saw the clouds near me, I was so amazed and all the fear just literally washed away. 

Photo credits: Pumpkin642016

And then, few minutes after, the crews served us some snacks. :) They served us a chocolate chips brownies and a little bottle of water. The brownies tasted really good. It suit my sweet tooth just as right. :)


Photo credits: Pumpkin642016

 The trip from Butuan to our first stop in Cebu is 45 minutes and in that 45 minutes, I really didn't sleep because I wanted to enjoy the moment and I just wanted to gaze at the beauty of God's creation. :)


My first airplane ride wasn't really that bad and I am still looking forward for more airplane rides. :) :)




1.) Be on time.

The most essential thing to do when you have a flight. You shouldn't be late because they are very strict when it comes to TIME. I even saw one guy was all mad when we got there because he got late and he wasn't allowed to take the ride in the plane anymore. 


I am sure you do not want to be left by your flight, have your flight cancelled and never get a refund, right?


So, BE ON TIME. :)


2. Do not listen to what other people say. 

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Just like what happened to me, I listened to what other people say that an airplane ride is scary and it feels like you are riding in a Ferris Wheel. And they were saying that riding in an airplane might make you feel nauseous and stuff. But, if you let those thoughts get into you, instead of getting excited about your first airplane ride, nervousness might overtake that excitement and change it to being scared. So, it is better to just let your experience be the one to teach you how it feels like.


3. Grab your earphones.


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 The sound of the plane when it is taking off and when it is landing can be kind of painful to your ears. There would even be times when you feel like you're a bit deaf already, LOL :D So, your earphones and your favorite music can really be your best friend during these times. :) 


4. Breathe and ENJOY!!! :) :)

Whenever you feel nervous, just BREATHE! And, just look out the window and enjoy the view . :) Looking at the view can really help you forget about your nervousness and it will really make your eyes full.  

You can see a lot of different cloud formations such as these ... 

Image credits: Pumpkin642016

Here, you can see the clouds just look like little cotton balls floating in the air and you can also see the aerial view of the place where you pass by. 

Photo credits: Pumpkin642016

Here, the clouds kind of look like an ocean. :) All you can really see is the white clouds and the blue sky. It kind of looks like you are already near the doors of heaven :D

Image credits: Pumpkin642016

And this one is my favorite! Just look at that clouds. They formed like a shape of a dog overlooking the sea of clouds. :) 

I have never felt the clouds this real.  

5. Take some pictures. :)

Image credits: Pumpkin642016

Pictures bring back memories. It is like a time machine that can help you time travel to the past whenever you want to. And, first times are just the BEST! So, if you want to have a good memory of your first airplane ride, take some pictures!

Well, those are just some of the tips that I can give to those who haven't ridden on a plane yet. I am not a professional and I haven't ridden in a plane a lot of times yet but, take it from a first timer herself, too. :)


Before I end this blog,  here is also a check list for you to check for your first flight :)


It's only when you're flying above it that you realize how incredible the earth really is. 



I will ride, I will fly. Chase the wind and touch the SKY. 



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