Storyboards for Dana & Friends chapter four 2013

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And we keep on working with Animation Works and Hanan Ghaith. We are making as I told you before, the storyboards, the animatics and color scripts of each one of the new five videos. Yesterday we finished the pre-production of the fourth music video of the new season of "Dana & Friends".

This video is about the new doll of the main character, is a typical and classic middle east dressed doll. With this work drawing and making the animatics I learn a lot about middle east culture, specially in little details that we don´t know. This details like hena drawings in hands, typical objects, the school, etc.

You are going to find all that in this and the previous videos. Sometimes is a really hard work this job, but the learning of new things really makes me happy in this occasion.

Here is an advance of this 4th video:




Storyboard Frame                                     Animatic Frame                                    Color script frame 


 Color script





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