Strange fish walking on land, in air live up to 8 months

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The fish is actually going in the scientific research project of a university in Canada.

Fish farming life on earth seems to be an unrealistic idea only in fantasy but for 3 groups of scientists from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, this is entirely possible truth.

Aims to study the evolution of human ancestors, the scientists fed 111 children dinosaur eel scientific name Polypterus senegalus, shallow pools in small groups over a period of 8 months. In shallow pools grating coated with a layer of pebbles and water combined with 3mm hose to spray in case of shallow water fish that died.

Ms. Emily Standen, who led the study said, dinosaur eel lung function works properly so can breathe in the air. In addition, we also carry, but we have to learn to breathe on land to increase the supply of oxygen to the body. Sometimes, we also use fins to walk on land unwillingly.

Through research and find out, scientists have discovered, the dinosaur eel terrestrial gait are often more flexible. Their legs close to the body to develop more and more heads held high.

Although this is a unique idea, but researchers still can not avoid the limitations of the conclusions by the dinosaur eel is not directly related to the first fish can walk on land.

It is known dinosaur eel, also known as dragon fish are not really eels, but is a member of the genus yellow dinosaur fish. They are very easy to jump and be able to live without water for a time until they are no longer moist flakes again.

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