Strawberry Farm: A Strawberry Kingdom in La Trinidad

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(video source: rambus56 via Youtube)
The Strawberry Farm of La Trinidad.

Hello, everyone! New blog, new beginning! My two previous blogs has lots of negativity in it but now I feel better because I was already able to write and release those negative energies trapped in my mind for quite a long time. So let's move on to my next topic and destination. The kingdom of the ever popular berry of Benguet province—the Strawberry Farm!  


(image source: Katsanslimites)
Inside the farm.

Strawberry Farm is located at La Trinidad, just next to Baguio City. La Trinidad is the capital of Benguet and is known as the Strawberry Capital of the Philippines. The Strawberry Farm features a panoramic view of its farm that would surely keep the visitors in awe. The farm also lets the tourists experience picking fresh strawberries at the farm itself alongside the farmers. Strawberry season or harvesting season of strawberries is from November to May.


Strawberry Farm was on the second day of our itinerary. Well, we definitely should have fun on our second day after the bad experience at Christmas Village. I woke up at 5:15 A.M. and since I was still lazy to take a bath, I did some research about the places we are visiting for the day.

We checked out at Yang's Home Stay around 8:45 A.M. and headed to the jeepney terminal at Rizal Park just across Burnham Park. We went looking for a jeepney with a "Baguio-Buyagan" route but we could find none. Thankfully, there are jeepney barkers shouting "Strawberry Farm!" and we approached one of them. The barker let us get in on a jeepney bound to La Trinidad. The fare was only Php 11.

(image source: Katsanslimites)
Strawberry Farm signage.

The jeepney left around 9:10 A.M. and we arrived at the Strawberry Farm around 9:40 A.M. It was a good 30 minutes and I didn't feel impatient because my eyes were too busy checking out the municipality of La Trinidad. This is my first time travelling to La Trinidad. (Hehe!) The jeepney driver was also kind and didn't forget to drop us in front of the street going to Strawberry Farm. They said, Strawberry Farm is opposite the Baguio State University. Yup, that's true. However, the university has a huge campus so make sure to keep an eye to the farm's signage because you don't want get off the jeepney too early or later and walk.

We followed the signage on the street and walked about 5 minutes before we reached the farm's entrance. You know you're on the right direction because there were lots of souvenir stores at the neighborhood.



(image source: Katsanslimites)
Tourists flock at a souvenir store.

Before you get a sight of the farm, you will be welcomed by a long lIne of souvenir shops selling almost all kinds of souvenirs of Benguet. Lengua de Gato, crinkles, strawberry wine, rice wine, wallet made of frog, wood carved and weaved items, sweater, beanie, shirt, crocheted and knitted items, bolo knife, etc.

image source: Mhaiiiself; edited by Katsanslimites)
"Masipag na walis" (Industrious broom). 

They also sell brooms which has a very interesting and hilarious description. Mhaiiiself saw it first while we were eating ice cream. We had a good laugh at this brilliant marketing idea. Well, I do hope this broom will sweep by itself. If it does then I'm buying it in a heartbeat! (Lol.)

I’ve also seen bottled small snakes filled with some kind of clear fluid being sold at some of the souvenir shops. I don’t know what are those for but they scare me.

(image source: Katsanslimites)
Strawberries, crinkles and Lengua de Gato!

Foods we bought at the souvenir lane are: a pack of strawberries (Php 210), and 3 packs of lengua de gato and 4 packs of crinkles (7 for Php 100).


(image source: Mhaiiiself; edited by Katsanslimites)
The giant strawberry and Katsanslimites.

This gigantic strawberry statue is something you will surely not fail to miss when visiting Strawberry Farm. Well, because of its huge size. It’s also just in front the farm so it’s an eye-catcher, you'll definitely want to take a photo with it first before entering the farm. Visitors flock on this area to have a photo with the statue so it might be a challenge to have the huge strawberry all by yourself on the photo. Oh how I wish there’s a real strawberry as humongous as this!


(image source: Katsanslimites)
Rows of strawberries!

Of course, the main attraction of this tourist spot is the farm. Before you can go to the farm, you need to fill up some information at the registration area first.Some information needed are name, address, and (surprisingly) age. I don't know why they have to know your age? (Haha.)

Entrance is FREE but if you want to pick some strawberries, you’ll have to pay Php 450. You'll be given a basket where you can place the strawberries while picking. Total weight of the strawberries you have picked should not weigh more than 1 kilo.

(image source: Katsanslimites)
Strawberry Farm directory.

Each area of the farm has its designated name which I find cute and cool. And I believe the Baguio State University had contributed something special on this farm because the university has its huge directory where all the areas of the farm were listed beside the entrance. Each strawberry area on the farm, by the way, is fenced. So sadly, you can't go directly and touch the plants. Based on my observation, only those who paid to pick strawberries were allowed inside.

The farm doesn’t only grow strawberries despite being called Strawberry Farm. A large portion of the farm are planted with strawberries but some areas are planted with vegetables too. One of which I can’t forget are the lettuce. I was mouth-watering when I saw the long rows of lettuce. (Hehe!) There were also some sunflowers and they were huge!

(image source: Mhaiiiself; edited by Katsanslimites)
Inside the farm.

Since we didn’t pick strawberries, we just strolled around the farm. The farm is so wide we didn’t reach its end. A few minutes of walking plus the unexpected heat of the sun made us want to return to the entrance. It’s surprisingly warm in La Trinidad. All my life, I thought the whole province of Benguet has a cool weather because of its mountainous land. But I was wrong because we were sweating and got sunburned! (Haha!)


Opposite the souvenir lane at the parking area is the vegetable lane where fresh vegetables of Benguet are sold for a cheaper price. I bought a pack of lettuce for only Php 50. I would also like to buy some broccoli but it can no longer fit on my backpack and it would also be hassle to carry around.


Last but not the least, strawberry ice cream! Visiting Strawberry Farm wouldn't be complete without indulging on a strawberry ice cream! There were lots of strawberry-flavored dirty ice cream all over the place. Dirty ice cream doesn’t mean it’s dirty, okay? This is just how we call our local ice cream sold around the streets. It’s also called sorbetes if “dirty” doesn’t sound pleasant for you.

(image source: Mhaiiiself; edited by Katsanslimites)
Strawberry dirty ice cream.

So we bought the one that costs Php 30. The cone and serving of the ice cream wasn’t that plenty but the taste was delicious! Strawberrylicious!

Another interesting thing on the strawberry ice cream was its slogan. They sure know how to grab attention with their quirky extra signage. “Pang Instagram” (for Instagram), or simply meaning Instagrammable. The strawberry ice cream isn't only delicious but has now jumped on the bandwagon too. (Lol!) It also says it can even make relationships strong or a cure for those who doesn't have boyfriend. (Haha!) I cringed a bit on these marketing slogans as to why they have to attach the ice cream to people’s love life. Anyway, if it does help increase their sales then who am I to oppose? 


The best time to go here is during its harvest season and at early morning or in the afternoon when the heat of the sun is no longer that strong. I find it really weird that Benguet has an area that's warm. I read some blogs about how the temperature in La Trinidad is different from Baguio City but I never thought we would get sunburned. So if you are planning to go here, prepare an umbrella, hat, or whatever that would protect you from the sun.

(video source: Viral Posts Today via Youtube)
Around Strawberry Farm.

Despite the unexpected warm temperaure, Strawberry Farm is a fun place to stop by. If you want to experience picking fresh strawberries or see how they are grown then this is the place to be! There are lots of souvenir items to choose from, lots of foods and lots of vegetables sold for a cheaper price too. I wished we had stayed longer but we still got other places to see. I love strawberry that's why having this on our itinerary really had me so excited. Strawberry Farm is certainly a berry (very) nice place to visit with your friends and family. Strawberry is love!

Thanks for reading!

✧ Katsanslimites




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