Strawberry picking

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Last week we went to Isoyama.. Isoyama is blessed with soft and delightful climate.
Thanks to that,I can harvest one of my favorite fruits, the Strawberry.
My favorites are Persimmon  and grapes which have a good reputation nationwide.

Speaking of fruits from Isoyama,strawberries are in season at the moment
So I’ll show you some spots where you can taste fresh strawberries

I highly recommend a strawberry picking if you’d like to taste fresh strawberries.
We visited ‘Isoyama kanko ichigoen (strawberry farm)’. It takes about 2 hours by car from Urayasu Chiba.

You can eat strawberries as much as you like within 30 minutes (1500yen).
As you can see, strawberries are grown on the shelves in this greenhouse, so you don’t need to stoop to pick them. 

Fresh strawberries are juicy and sweet.

In this greenhouse, there are four types of strawberries, and each of them has different taste.
Personaly, I’m fond of ‘Akihime’ and ‘Beni-hoppe’ which has rich flavour.

Condensed milk and chocolate syrup goes well with strawberries but I chose condensed milk. 

Apparently, tasty strawberries have four distinctive features.
They have vivid red colour, shiny skin, deep coloured seeds, deep green calyxes.

It was really fun to pick them and taste them
They tasted far better than what I bought at supermarket

By the way, this farm closes if it runs out of strawberries.
So maybe you’d better visit there in the morning.

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