Street Kids and their future in Herat

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Every day when I pass by or go through the city, I see many kids working or begging with dirty clothes and face. I feel kind of sorry for their future or what will happen if they don’t study or go to school once they are young. These are the hopes of people for future of their society and what will happen if they don’t go to school and study.

All these kids are thinking is to survive. Afghan people suffered so difficulties during the long civil war and their economy went down so these kids are those families who survived war in Afghanistan and has no money to continue their lives. Either the parents pay no heed to education or hasn’t any other option due to the economic situation to send their kids to streets to work.

Three decades war in Afghanistan damaged the people as well as the education. This is why we have high rate of illiterate people in Afghanistan. Not only the education but also economy, policy and knowledge were affected badly by the ongoing war in this part of the planet.

There are almost 7000 kids in Herat city working on the streets which most of are either from around the city or has immigrant and came back to Afghanistan. The people who migrate to the neighborhood countries due to economic and social or security issues, come back one day to their hometown so when they get back mostly they are poor and one reason why we have lots of kids on the streets is the returnee kids from Iran or Pakistan.

What happens to the future of these kids? Who is responsible? Once these kids grow up and couldn’t find a job due to their insufficient knowledge, they turn to crime to survive. Most of the criminals as we see now are the kids who suffered these critical situations and have no capability to work for making a living so they find it easier to turn to robbery or any other crime.

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Faranaz Hajizade is studying in the 11th class of the Malake Jalali High school. Faranaz Hajizade is studying English in Skill Training Center (STC) in Herat Faranaz Hajizade has interest in reading novel. History,geography and writing.

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