A group of frogs were bush-walking , unlucky two of them fall into a deep pit. All the rest of the flock were surrounded the pit to pull them up. But when they saw the hole is too deep, the whole flock immediately told the two frogs that they were hopeless.

The two frogs ignored the desperate words, and tried their best to jump up out of the pit. The other frogs said to them not to waste power, that they were as good as dead. Finally, one frog gave up and sink to the bottom of the pit.

Other frog continued to jump as hard. Again, A whole flock gathered and loudly screamed that he do not try again. But he even jumped harder. Finally he jumped out of the water. The flock asked him: "Do not listen to what we scream?". The frog said it was hard of hearing, he thought the whole herd of frogs were encouraging, cheering him throughout the period of the past, rather than screaming persuade it to give up.

There is a power of life and death in the our tongue. A word of encouragement to someone who is deadlock can lift them up and help them overcome difficulties. But words can kill a person in despair. So, be careful with your words. Any person may speak words of destruction to rob the spirit of those facing hard times. Precious are those who take the time to motivate and encourage.