Stress disorder

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The guys today I'm going to give information about something that is stressful mental stress is a very dangerous disease.

Mental stress due to illness and the many diseases arise. First I'll tell you what that mental stress causes illness. Stress that caused the disease hutyhyn many reasons. Some of them are one level removed.                                                           Mental illness is caused mainly due to the work returned. In addition to time pay to eat food, children, chills,Financial condition deteriorate,                                                     Having a close friend is in trouble, not good children should be returned to academic pressure, lack of extracurricular activities, entertainment venues do not pay, little food, returned the food, not enough sleep, and the preparation for exams the main reasons for this  .                                                                                          The disease is a disease of depression as a disease that affects not only our minds by PayPal shorten the RH and the causes are many instances pay, diabetes, muscle twitching of muscle disease causes.                                                                                  Eye diseases, it becomes cold, back pain, lack of sleep, swoon, to repeatedly spam.                                                                                                                              Children pay to get angry, to be a domestic dispute and would not have any less right ways  are many diseases arise from the loss of the tail.                                 We took it careful  that we can avoid illness and depression.

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