Stress; How to reduce stress?

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Every person in this world has a different life. Many are happy with their lives and many are unhappy because of different problems and troubles. It looks like that happy person has less troubles in life but a common problem which both happy and unhappy persons face is the Stress. Today I gonna write about stress and the easy ways to reduce stress.

What is Stress?

Stress is defined as the immediate or late response of human to a particular stimulus (one form of stimulus are sensory receptors those in skin). This response cold be very emotional,  mental and physical. Following is a stress describing short video.

Symptoms of stress

There are many symptoms of stress but the most common are:





5.Gritting of teeth

6.Unusual pain and irritation


Causes of stress

There are a lot of causes of stress like due to temperature e.g, high and low, due to load of your work or upcoming dead line of your official work, college assignment or presentation, due to financial pressures e.g, bills, salaries, bonuses, due to ups and downs in relations e.g, breakup, divorce, quarrel, due to horror e.g, horror movies, your enemies etc and due to diseases e.g, permanent headache, weak vision, diabetes, hepatitis etc.

Advantages and dis-advantages of stress

Stress has its advantages and mostly disadvantages. Every one of us just look at negatives sides of stress. Negatives side include all those stressors which are uncontrollable and one cannot control but some positive sides include some excitement, passion, better and improved creativity, efficiency in learning and some times higher self-esteem (I personally experienced these many times).

How to reduce stress?

Stress can be minimized or eliminated by following remedies:

Use your mind against stress

Scientists say that stress could be controlled by some relaxation techniques followed by you in your home like when you feel stressed stop everything. Sit on a comfortable place, close your eyes and choose a positive phrases like I have the ability to… , my life works well, I do my best, I am courageous, I am calm and relaxed etc. Repeat that phrase many times e.g, 15 to 20 times and keep on doing after an interval of few minutes.

Start thinking about your good times and those good and lovely memories which you ever have.Breathing is an easiest way to get rid of stress. Following video shows how you can breathe correctly.

Inhale and exhale breathe slowly and continuously.Yoga or meditation are very good for your body and mind. Arranges sessions of meditation for 5 to 10 minutes three times a day and increase time according to your need.If you want to know basics of meditation CLICK HERE. By doing these easy techiniques you can change your stress to a happy mood or positive stress.

Balanced diet

Make a well balanced diet plan for yourself. It will not only work against stress but it will improve your overall health and defeat diseases.

Take food which suits your health the most. Foods rich in vitamin B (proper brain functioning, nervous system health etc) from cereal grains, nuts, peas etc should be consumed. Foods rich in vitamin C (vitamin C is good against immune system deficiencies,  cardiovascular diseases, eye diseases and skin wrinkling) are good against stress. Stop use of alcohol, smoking and any other drug. Decrease use of  caffeine, sugar and fast food. Diet consumption should be on same time every day.

Smile and laugh

Smile is one of very easy and powerful remedy. When a person smiles or laughs some substances like neurotransmitters also known as endorphins are released by the movement of muscles. These endorphins are responsible for making us happy whish automatically reduces stress.

So at the time of stress just say its time to smile and keep smiling. If you want to know all the benefits of smiling PLEASE CLICK HERE Besides this listen to your favorite music, tones and audios like twittering birds. Smooth and lovely sound of trees and every sound which you like.

Select Hobby

Hobbies are very beneficial for improving our life. Hobby could be different according to your life but hobbies like reading books, gardening and sports are much beneficial for your entire life.

Keep a journal with you and when you feel stress you can read your favorite stories etc. You can keep yourself busy in gardening then fresh oxygen from plants and sweet fragrance from flowers eliminates stress immediately. Sports are also very good because these engage us and make us to stay in active mode which automatically reduce stress.


Your contribution

There are many ways to contribute and get involved in your community e.g, by attending meetings, wedding ceremonies, birthday parties and may more. Connect with your neighbors, friends and relatives. You can also contribute to volunteer efforts for those who deserves the most or with the welfare organizations. This will not only help and support network in community but it will reduce your stress and tensions and make you feel good, happy and higher levels of self-esteem.

Outing plans

Make plans for outing. You can go to watch movie in the cinema,concert, magic show ,joining parties and many more.

Set days to visit to historical places, public parks, long driving, visit to beach, boating in lakes etc. You can go to shopping according to your budget and schedules. All these things are good to boost your mood to happiness by reducing stress.

Physical activities

Physical activities are proven well to defeat stress. Organize your life and never compromise to your health. For better health not only healthy food is necessary but sufficient sleep and exercise are also very necessary. Take sufficient sleep to make you able to fulfill demands of daily routines work.

Take exercise regularly on the correct time. Jogging and walking are also beneficial. When you are unable to take exercise and you feel tired and stressed just start self massage to relieve yourself and make yourself active again.

Therapy and herbs

Aromatherapy is considered good to relief effects of stress. It improves concentration power and controls depression and anxiety. Some herbs like Passionflower, Mint, Lavender and Chamomile tea are beneficial against stress. If you are unable to minimize stress in your home by all other mentioned steps or if your problem is serious, first of all limit the use of electronic devices like, smart phone, tablet, computer, radio, television and internet also. Then necesserally consult your physician he/she will guide you better that you need any kind of therapy or not.

Your doctor will recommend you physical therapy devices  if needed.  Remember always that use every kind of therapy and herb just by the advice of your doctor only.

Accept realities

If things are going out of your control after accomplishing all above mentioned techniques and even therapies by doctor then don’t you need to worry. Don’t curse yourself or never loose hope. There are many things and happenings in the life which are completely real or universal realitiesYou cannot control everything which you want but up to the last moment every controllable thing could be in your control.  There is a strong relationship between the happenings of life and your mind. If you can make you able to control your mind your can control almost everything. 

Whenever you got imprisoned by the stress and the negative thoughts you just need to replace all those negative thoughts by the positives thinking. If mind said you can’t do anything, say it I can do everything, I will improve myself and I will get more strength and power. All you have to do is just to answer every thought in the positive way and then you have to implement that in the required passage of time. I guarantee that stress and every difficulty of  your life will be eliminated and you will be unstoppable.




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Stay blessed all the time!

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