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When stress is good for you?

A little amount of stress is no harm. In fact when you are stressed within your comfort zone stress can be very helpful. It can improve your performance, motivate you or help you avoid danger. Stress is a natural body response to a stimuli which are perceived as threatening. When you are in s stressful situation the body releases hormones in your blood-adrenaline and cortisol. They make your heart pound faster, increase blood pressure and quicken your breath.

When stress becomes a health thread...

Our brain find it hard to distinguish life threatening situations from daily stressing events. So it is bad for your health if you get stressed on daily basis. So if you are experiencing the "fight and run" body reaction wich is a typical response of the body during stress very often you might be suffering from chronic stress.

Symptoms of chronic stress:

Most common symptoms include:

  • Memory problems
  • concentration problems
  • poor judgment
  • anxious thoughts
  • moodiness
  • feeling unhappy and isolated

On physical level the symptoms might be:

  • Aches and pains
  • stomach problems
  • frequent colds
  • low libido
  • chest pain

If you notice that you or someone you know is :

  • sleeping less or more than usual
  • eating less or more than usual
  • more distant than before
  • using drugs or alcohol
  • other nervous habits/pulling hair, biting nails ect./

This person might be suffering from chronic stress or going trough very stressful event. We shouldnt neglect the influence that stress has on our lives. It is proven that many health conditions are caused by stress including some very serious ones. 

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