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People, now a days, have the habit of being in stress, I mean whenever you see someone, his or her face is hanging there like a goof! This is because of stress. Stress is actually when you predestine something that might not be good for you. Well, let me clear it a bit more, suppose you are in a situation, that is un handeled by you, and when you think this problem is more for me to handle, you predestine, think that what would happen if I stay in a situation like this, this makes your mind go some where else, some where it shouldn't be. After this you think about your condition, and then relate it to the future. 

Stress is a feeling incurred by the resposible people, and those who think alot about their family and their future. They are hurt by the smalled of mistakes by their loved ones, and are stressed out when they see their loved ones going astray. Students also have stress as they are worried about their marks and the problems that they face in the school.

Stress is such a type of feeling that even in this modern world, could not be overwhelmed. Dont get stressed though by knowing this! It is because stress is felt inside, basically, emotions. So it means, that only emotionless people can fight stress! 

Life, full of hurdles, makes people most often fall in thoughts, one of the major reason for stress is unhandeled situation, and also, falling in love. Love has alot of stress effects, it is because if some one falls in love, he or she does not know whether their crush loves them too. This is predestination, it makes him think into complex things, which ultimately falls him in stress.

So, dont think that in this whole world, you are the stressed one, everyone has different problems, so never judge them..... think about yourselfe..... think about the new age..... think about Life....... :) :) :)

Written by Haider Khan

Student of Olevels

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