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It is an age of modern world. We have to gain knowledge about the whole things which make the world modern. For this purpose we have to study science subjects. In many countries up to 8th class students study subject called science. In which there is basic knowledge about the science.


Subject science is a mix up of all the branches and subjects of science. Because the basis purpose is give basic knowledge to the students. If in future they go in science line then they have a basic knowledge and know how about it. In metric students study different subjects of science as biology chemistry physics and computer. Student study the human structure and animals and plants. At this level biology is mixture of botany and zoology.


Students study about cells which is the basic unit of body. He also study about humans different parts and structure like heart digestive system respiratory system etc. Chemistry: It is the study of different compounds include organic and inorganic. Our body has also chemical reaction so study about chemical reactions formulas symbols equation etc.


Physic: in physics student study about natural phenomenon like gravity attraction friction sounds intensity frequency waves etc. motions temperature weights light rays is also studied.Computer: Study about computer its structure its processing its hardware and software etc. without science life seems to be impossible so study of science is very important. 

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