Students and Politics

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                                                              Students and Politics

The sole aim of student to learn and educate themselves. Through education, they can acquire knowledge, and develop good character. On the basis of their knowledge people respect him and they go their professional fields.


Politics is not for student because it is a game of law there is no rule and no law in politics. Politicians use student for their advantages, and after winning the election they leave them. In very young age student participate in political activities. The age in which they have ability to make adventure. to learn moral principles and law. They involved in political activities and destroy their lives.

One the one call of their party they come out on the roads and destroy the routine of life they start throwing stones, braking of vehicles and shouting on the other parties. At that time they have need to concentrate on their academic studies.

In this blog I can’t want to say that student have no need of politics? They have need, but only need to study politics not to come on road. It take this point on the basis of my experience that some students have political background from their father, brother or from some other relatives but they can’t involved themselves in political activities when they are students.

Those students who involved in political activities cant able to concentrate on their studies and in examination they can’t able to take good scores in their exams. And after taking low scores they can’t able to go in their field and their future is bounded. They make them self nothing more then labours.

Now days almost all political parties take interest in colleges elections to bring student’s leader for their own political goals. So the best course is to utilize the student life and do work to take your own goal not for political parties.   

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I am student of CHEMISTRY doing Bs hons in Chemistry from GPGC college Haripur.I love to write blogs.

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