Student’s organization or terrorism

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Now I am going to talk about our big issue of society and also about our students and organization that they correct or not? When we are in child, this is dream of every parent that our child read and writes something big to save man. Many of these parents it's not complete this dream. Their big reasons have our student’s organizations.

I will not speak of in all but a lot of people in the work of student said, means they corrupt their own future, but at the same time, they are also at their parents ' hopes turn blank.

Today's thing is what these organizations are necessary? There is no reason for them we need it? Or it's all just the same as a punk acts.

According to my own idea and it is not necessary for us to do anything at all. Because every student has first jobs that concentrate own study and if they have an extra time then they participate in any game like cricket and football.

Want to be part of any organization is not only a punk acts at the same time it is also a crime that anyone hit this fight, and often times it is also known that in this battle of the disabled where justice? Or is it all who says we have to do this? Did ever like that their parents fought to save it be spring? Being with someone? I think never...

So it’s a message for all my dearest students fellows please stop and leaved every kind of organization and just do work hard on studies. Your parents have a bundle of wishes for you so your right is that you will be complete it.


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