Study: Consumers More Like Large Screen Smartphone

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Recent research revealed that mobile phone "big" 5 inches upward turns increasingly in demand by consumers, and continues to grow rapidly.

Cnet launch, RBC Capital market survey organizations involved 4,000 people in a survey of consumers purchasing smartphones.

The survey then showed that 34 percent of whom had no plans to buy an iPhone will change his mind if Apple increased the size of the iPhone 6.

In addition, Accenture has also been carrying out an online survey at the beginning of this year. The survey polled 23,000 consumers from 23 countries.

Accenture found that nearly half (48 percent) of all participants who are planning to buy a smartphone this year phablet prefer to buy rather than a regular smartphone with a small display.

There are still many other surveys that show the smartphone trend a big air display.

The results of these surveys focused on one point: that smartphones with larger displays that 'sexy'. No wonder if Apple had come to trendsetters like plunging into the mainstream of the smartphone world.

Well, how about you? What is the ideal smartphone screen size do you think?

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