STUFF CHICKEN BREAST Herb Cheese & Spinach White Sauce

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Stuff Chicken Breast With
Herb Cheese & Spinach White Sauce


Step 1: Chicken Marination

Chicken Breast 1 Kg
Worcestershire Sauce 3 Tbsp
Paprika Powder 1 Tbsp
Salt ½ Tsp
French Mustard Paste 1 Tbsp

Step 2: Chicken Stuffing

Cheddar Cheese 1 Cup
Mozzarella Cheese 1 Cup
Mix Herbs 2 Tsp
Paprika Powder ½ Tsp
Black Pepper ½ Tsp

Step 3: Spinach In White Sauce

Oil ¼ Cup
Butter ¼ Cup
Onions (Chopped) 3 Tbsp 
Garlic (Chopped) 2 Tsp
White Pepper ½ Tsp 
Spinach (Boiled & Chopped) 2 Kg
White Sauce 2 Cups
Cream (Optional) ½ Pkt
Oregano Leaves 1 Tbsp
Salt To Taste

Step 4: Coating

Flour 1 Cup 
Eggs 2 No’s
Bread Crumbs 4 or 5 Pieces


Chicken Marination Process

First cut the chicken breast from the center then made the chicken breast pockets nicely. Marinate the chicken with Worcestershire sauce, paprika powder, French mustard paste and salt.

Seasoning The Shred Cheese

Shred the cheese. In the shred cheese add paprika powder, salt and black pepper then mix it properly.

Spinach In White Sauce

Take a stock pot and boiled the spinach. To prepare the white sauce :Take a sauce pan and on a low medium flame heat the oil and butter till it begins to melt and then add the flour while stirring cook for approx. 3 to 4 minutes. This whole process is called roux. Now turn down the heat and gradually add the boiled milk while beating with a whisk to avoid any lumps from forming. Cook till it’s a thick consistency and then add the seasoning like chicken powder, white pepper, oregano leaves and salt. Take a wok and on a low medium flame heat the oil and butter till it begins to melt then add garlic and stir for a minute then add the onions. Cook the onions till transparent. Finally add the boiled chopped spinach, white pepper, salt and oregano leaves. Cook it for a few minutes. Then add the white sauce into a wok of spinach. After a few minutes spinach white sauce prepared.

Stuff Chicken Breast With Herb Cheese

Now prepare a stuff chicken breast with herb cheese. Fill the chicken breast pockets by adding shred cheese and spinach white sauce and closed it by removing a thin layer from chicken breast (if it not possible you use toothpicks for closing purpose and you can also make chicken rolls if chicken pockets are not properly made). Coat it with corn flour, eggs and bread crumbs. Now fry the chicken in oil on a medium flame until it gets golden brown.

Cook Time: 10 Minutes.
Serve Hot.

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