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Summary: How do people become successful in life? There is no exact formula in life about it, but it is how the people handle there emotions, feelings, habits and most especially their finances which is the product of their handworks. The simple law in economics, the "law of supply and demand."

These are the tips of Mrs. Lina Salvador from the OFW family success story, on how they slowly by surely achieved financial freedom and happy family.

Whenever her husband send his remittance, Lina allocated 20% of her husband's Sakarya to build their savings, spending the remaining 80% only on what the family needs. After savings enough to invest, the started buying properties.

Lina and Lito Salvador have invested their savings in farm properties, apartments and stock market, which Lina managed online. She was asked if she's ever worried about losing her money in stock market. She said that she plays it conservatively.

Here are her tips to other OFW families so they too can achieve financial freedom.

1. Save, and then only buy what you need.
"When OFWs come home, they are mortified upon learning that their families have splurged every centavo of their earnings on unnecessary things. Live below your means, and put away 20% of your income.

2. Diversify your investment.
"Don't place your eggs all in one basket. If that basket is gone, you're dead."

3. Don't buy on installment.
"This is so because all your money will only go to the interest. Don't think you will be an OFW forever and be able to pay for everything."

4. Don't assume that you will get it right at once.
"There are times that your investments will go bad. But don't be disheartened. Be critical about where your money goes."

5. Play it safe by investing in real property.
"Losing money on real estate investments happens rarely. Just educate yourself about how you can develop your property."

6. Always be thankful.
You must always be grateful for all the blessings. This is so because if you're thankful, more blessings will come to you. Don't forget to help others to rise up as well."

These are only some of the tips on how to achieved financial freedom and be successful in life. However, it also varies on how we handle our lives in different situations in a point of time. "We are the masters of our own fate. We make our own destiny." But don't forget to seek for divine intervention as believers in the supreme powers of our "Almighty God." Good luck for all your endeavors in life.

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