Such a Great Valentine's Day with Friends

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Me: (After seeing crowds) Sis, I changed my mind. I don't want to go to that place.
Friend: NO! We should enter to that stadium whatever happens.
Me: Nah! I'm scared.


Jam, jostle, footrest, our shoes have had muds, tired~ those were what happened to us just to enter to the said stadium. It was really my first time! I was really scared because of stampede. We entered to the stadium because of the people pushing us. Imagine that! But we are still blessed 'cause we are safe going home.

Anyway, it was the Grand opening of Park here in our city and the guests were: Janella Salvador, Marlo Mortel, Morissete Amon, and The Dawn band. Hello there Erickson, an avid fan of Janella.


Look! Probably, they are Valenzuelanos. It was just outside of the stadium. How much more when you see inside of the stadium?


Dancing Fountain

I would like to give it to my parents but look what happened to donuts! Sigh!

The consequence. Our shoes with muds.


All in all, it was so FUN experience! We are so proud of our mayor because we have seen where the funds goes. Such a Great Valentine's Day with Friends. How about you? How's your valentine's day? Hmm, my boyfie gave me not flowers and chocolates, but a phone. Lol. Surprise!


I have a video of Janella Salvador singing Mahal Kita Pero (I Love You But). I have also a video of the others. I will upload soon!


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