Sudden Increase Of Items' Prize In The Shop

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Bad news people. Early today, around 8 am I was still able to shop for some new items including a new blue shoes worth 0.0009 BTC only. I was actually planning to buy the CLK Slim leather jacket as well but I thought it's a bit pricey costing 0.003 or 0.004 BTC, I can't recall clearly. Just when I have made up my mind, it was lunch time when I've decided to buy it anyway and so I went to the shop. And this is what made me drop my jaw.

The CLK Classy patent leather high heels prize which I bought earlier had inflated from 0.0009 to 0.004 BTC. What a big increase in prize! But that's not all!

All of the items in the shop actually had  a big increase in prize. Like for example the CLK Classy silk top, from 0.001, it is now amounting to 0.005 BTC. Such a heart breaking update for me. Aww. I wish the items in the shop would go back to its normal prize. I can't afford such costly prize!

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