Summer Destination Lake Apo:

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Summer is fast approaching isn’t it?

Well, If you are sitting and thinking and wondering where to go..

I could probably suggest one place..

Lake Apo!

Yes, `The Lake Apo`

Lake Apo is located in the majestic place in Valencia City, Bukidnon, Philippines.

It takes more than an hour from the heart City of Bukidnon which is Malaybalay City. Truly it takes time to get there (because it is far from City proper and you need to go deeper into the forest) but when you get there, it is all worth it.

The place is cool and refreshing. You will enjoy the scenery as you will find your self astonished by the wonders of nature.

You can sail and enjoy floating inside the `Floating Bangka` (Floating small boat) as what they say.

The floating Bangka is not in a shape of a boat but rather a small kubo (small hut) floating in the midst of the lake. You can pull the rope and sail farther away from the land. The wind is pleasing to the skin as it rejuvenates your inner-core. You can eat inside the floating Bangka, sing songs or do selfies but most of all find peace and relaxation.

So if you think it seems too good to be true, why not try it yourself?

Go and Enjoy. I would be happy to help you. ;)

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