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In at days the winter is gone and summer is come in our country. In the summer the sun is come to near on our planet and making whether so hot. So everyone wants to going near the cool place and drink some energy drinks. So the temperature of body is going down.

So I am and my some friend is plane to going cool place and we can open my laptop and open the Google map and find some cool and water type place or park. So we are finding more than 10 places and we decide to go the Clifton (sea view) in the Karachi city which is the biggest city of Pakistan.

picture of Clifton(sea view)


video about Clifton(sea view)

So we decided the day of going is Sunday. On the Sunday morning we are going in the friend car. Between traveling the Clifton(sea view) we are saw that the men with her child is down to the road and a crowd is around the men and child .we are also open our car door and going near the men and his child we are ask some people that what happened here so a young men is tell us that this person is trying to cross the road with her son but in the center of road the car is come from opposite direction and hit the man and the men with his child is follow on to the road and the blood is appear from the men hand and face. And all people are stop the car and calling to the police and now all these are waiting for the police. We are thanking to the young man for the he telling us all story and we return to the car. Now we are start car and again start our travelling.

After the 20 mints we are reach the Clifton(sea view). But here we are facing one more problem that the parking area is full so we are turn our car and going back so on the back side and we are park the car. Or jab hum and we reach Sea view here was very crowded and we removed the shirts and we drink the water from the outlet and then I jumped to the water but the water was too hot in here. But there's still a lot of fun! And a second surface sprayed with water. And then we played cricket there, we all friends will become a team, and the guy who was second team. In this match we will give 100 runs target in 8 over. However, his team and the target easily completed in 7 and we drink to the other team WITH burgers.

some pictures from Clifton(sea view)


one more video from Clifton(sea view)

ON Sea view much fun we had until 4 pm and then a friend of ours will be sick SO we will come back. Use From the moment we pulled our car parking and will depart for return. When we arrived home that evening was 5.30 and darkness was slowly spreading. When we return home and we said Allah Hafiz to another frienda and will return to our home

on the evening when we are return we take some beautiful pics and video , you can see below

I think it was the best day of my life I so enjoyed.

But I forgot to tell you one thing we were all friends before return home we made a plan that we will come again next Sunday.


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