Summer Weather

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June, July the hottest weathers of every year. In these seasons people tired a lot due to hot weather. Many people stay in the home in day while they spend their mostly time in the Air Conditioners. But August is famous month due rainy season.


In August, heavily rain cause for the freshments of the people. People visit parks and many places for the enjoyment of the weather. Streets and Roads full fill with water. It likes that spring is back in the August. When Rain stops Women cock many spicy dishes in the kitchens like Chicken Biryani etc. Many youngsters go for the Mango Party in the outsider Areas.


But heavily rain cause to disturb the system because many youngsters can cause to accidents due to fast driving. Traffic system block due to heavily rain. Electricity system is also affected by Rain because many feeders trip due to rain.


Rain is good if it is in limit but people can pay heavily when it is over limit.


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