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     I hate summers. This is because I hate lizards even more. In summers, one gets to see a large variety of lizards of all shapes, sizes and colours, each one more horrible than the other. There is the brim-bodied, active,  smarter-than-the-other lizards, usually without a tail, running all across the roof, and the other one is big fat kind, who just stays in one corner and moves about one millimetre  a month. These are more grotesque and are not at all amusing!


           Other dreaded things which summers bring with them are mosquitoes, load-shedding, guests and homework. I hate to wake up at 3 o’clock in the morning just because a measly mosquito is in a mood to buzz in my ear. Also I cannot understand by WAPDA, inspite of all its promises to end load-shedding “by the END OF THE YEAR” has been unable to do so in the last 20 years

And GUESTS! Oh what to speak them! Just because Abbottabad is a slightly higher region, does not mean that it snows in June here. With climate changing all across the globe, the weather here too has become warmer. But none of my relatives is able to comprehend this and thus it is essential for all my aunts and uncles, and then their aunts and uncles to pay us a visit. and above all, TEACHERS!! The more they hate u, the more homework you get. And thus we, helpless creatures are forced to complete our entire course in one month as “HOMEWORK”---- I hate SUMMERS.

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