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Sun is the biggest source of energy and present in the solar system. All the planets and also our earth revolve around the sun. It is very big and their diameters is 865000 miles and 330000 times bigger than our earth.

The original color of sun is white. The big black spots are also present on the surface of the sun. These spots are changes there place after short interval of time. The sun give not only heat but also give light for the whole universe.

Every planet including our earth is shine due to sun. The moon are also absorb light in the whole day and shines at night. The human beings take vitamin D for sun.the waves of the sun consist of two types, long waves and shot waves.

Sun also emitted dangerous rays but our earth protect us for these dangerous waves because ozone layer is present around the earth for the protection of these dangerous rays.

Due to modern technology, many things can be made which are run by solar energy like solar batteries, solar light, solar cooker. In the western countries, the energy of the sun can be utilized for making electricity. In winter season, people get warm itself with the heat of the sun.

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