Sunrise Shots

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There is just something fascinating with sunrise and sunset. It has been compelling me to this "aww" moment whenever I get to witness one. It somehow reminds me of a new chance that the One above had been giving us. Aside from that, the magnificent view I get to see whenever the sun rises or sets is just amazing. The sky looks like a painted canvass, multi colored one and it is the Great God who had painted it with His own hands. 

I had witness sunrise for a lot of times and it just keeps getting more wonderful in each moment. I wonder if you also feel the same but I can't fathom the beauty it provides plus the romantic aura too!

These views were taken randomly, some where when I am traveling specially on my way to Bohol or Cebu, usually the ship arrives in the morning and I always wait for the sun to rise before i could step out of the ship.

I always recommend that everyone should at least witness one sunrise or sunset in his or her life. Try to witness it when you are alone or with someone special.

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