Super Mr. Green

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This is another chapter of super Mr. green...

On day Mr. Super green left his house to see what was back, but this time he has a big surprise, during their tour he did not find with any car in poor condition, this seems very strange since it was common to see everyday that the cars were polluted, so he decided to return to his house to see what was happening, arriving home he realized that people were not using  their cars, they were using bicycles and prefered to walk to go to the places that are near, althougth this didn´t finish to surpise to Mr. Super Green he realized that his effort to get people to stop polluting the enviroment was working, so he organized a meeting with their neighbors to thank them to help of all the planet.

His neighbors told him that he had nothing to thank, who really had to thank them because were doing this by hand, with his words that the reason to make this change for a better life for all.

.....To be continued.... 

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