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Bikes are the common automobiles in the life of a common individual without which he cannot live his life. What are the processes going on in a bike means we will come across chassis, engine, body line, carburetor, silencer, accelerator, meter, fuel tank, etc.

First we will come across the chassis of a bike which will be of the shape of a curved L which is similar to be as the foundation of a building or the skeleton of a human being. 

Above that the engine and the body line will be fitted.

Engine is that part of the bike where the whole process will go on like for example fuel ignition, combustion of the gases, and expansion of the gases and after all these processes the last process is the exhaust of the waste gases.

In body line there is a main part of the bike which is similar to the stomach of a man which is commonly called as fuel tank or petrol tank this is the place where the petrol is being stored and used by the engine.

First what happens in the bike is that we start the bike and fuel gets injected to the engine and the above given processes takes place and then with the help of the piston the wheels start moving and we get a moving effect.

And at last we get the exhaust stroke where all the waste gases are removed out by the help of the silencer.

Accelerator helps the rider to increase the speed of the bike.

And in the same way we have breaks to stop it.

The above written matter is what happening in the system of bikes and hence it reduces the individual’s effort of walking or running and helps him/her to lead a comfortable life.




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