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One of my favorite superheroes has to be either between Batman, Superman or Thor. The reason why I love these superheroes is most likely because they have some awesome superpowers or in the case of Batman who is very stealthy and fights to protect the good of humanity and save our world from destruction as with most superheroes.


But one of the main qualities that these strong men have and many superheroes have in common is their strong mentality, something we all desire and strive to perfect in our everyday lives.

 Nobody likes a weak minded or weak willed individual. We all want to be strong and our minds are something we can control and build on.


That being said, I found two very inspirational qualities that all superheroes or any heroes or idols in our lives have. I’m referring to their strong confidence and solid persistence.

 Now, there are a multitude of other characteristics they we may come up with, but these are the main four that intertwine to form a strong mentality.


Confidence breathes strength, not only for yourself but also for all others around you. Confidence is key for any individual to believe in himself or herself to successfully accomplish and overcome any obstacle or task thrown in the way.

 You may be down and things will not always go the way you imagined, but remaining confident in yourself is the key to succeed. Thee are also many inspirational quotes to look into by strong individuals, if you ever need a quick boost.


The second of the two characteristics is persistence. With persistence, you are able to view life’s challenges in a positive light, as something you will accomplish and benefit rom as opposed to perceiving them as threats.

 A strong mind is not shallow; it is strong and rock solid, always focused on the benefits and having a positive and a confident perspective of any obstacle.

 When building these two characteristics within your own mentality it is important take one step at a time, which will benefit you in the long run, don’t worry about quick improvements, anything great takes time.

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