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Bright lights, sick beats and inspiring energies overflowed last April 22 as Acer gave everyone a #TooZesty time in Boracay. Known for breaking barriers between people and technology by offering innovative IT products and mobile devices, Acer brought 2 of the hottest world-class DJs–Superstar DJ Romanova from Russia and DJ Callum David from Australia.

What does #TooZesty even mean? Acer is introducing Acer Zest – its newest line of value smartphones with music, bright screen and wide selfie features best for the young digital tribes of today to explore their daily lives. It pretty much has all the features a millennial needs. From its high quality music, 5MP selfie, 85 degree angle view to its fun and sleek design. This carefree mood and fun spirit is what Acer Zest gives anyone who uses it with features that cater to the needs of the young. Zest is designed for socially and physically young and active people who live in the moment and see life as an adventure.

To keep things light and fun, Acer threw a beach party conceptualized around the zest for life and passion which was held in the beautiful island of Boracay. Although I only spent 15 hours in the island, I made sure to make it worthwhile by letting loose at the #TooZesty party! I hope you guys enjoy this visual diary!


Imagine yourself on the couch, catching up on The Walking Dead. Shane open’s Hershel’s barn, freeing all the walkers inside. The worst moment was when the last walker shambled from the barn, revealing the reanimated corpse of Carol’s daughter, Sophia. You have no idea how many times I replayed this scene…and how many times I shed a tear. Now imagine yourself watching your favorite movies or TV series with the new Sharp AQUOS XU Series with 8k Resolution.

Yup, 8k freaking resolution. Sharp AQUOS XU Series achieves 8K Resolution on a 4K Ultra HD panel by combining Sharp’s proprietary Quattron Pro 4-Color Technology and its newest upscaling circuit, the X8-Master Engine Pro. Both work together to achieve resolution equivalent to 8K by upscaling Full HD and 4K UHD content. The Aquos XU Series has 7680×4320 pixels, or 66 million subpixels. The result? true-to-life detail, the most vivid color expression, and deepest contrast. Now I don’t want to sound too technical here but with this TV, it pretty much upgrades everything you watch.

The World’s First 8K Resolution TV – The 8k upscaling circuit mimics real-life perspective by analyzing 2k and 4k images and adjusts them to optimal 8k resolution. It boasts image brightness and color information and recreates the images on a 4k panel.
Rich Color Pro – The addition of the Y-subpixel makes a world of difference–not just to the color reproduction but also in its energy efficiency. Rich Color Technology also helps in expanding the color gamut reproduced on screen, achieving 40% more color reproduction range that previous Sharp TVs were able to express. The use of a new backlight system also helps create a more vibrant picture.
Contrast with Ultra Dynamic Range Pro – Great image requires ultra-realistc contrast. Ultra Dynamic Range Pro employs the use of direct backlight system and control area dimming technology to broaden the contrast. This results in making the dark area of the picture darker, and the bright area brighter.
Entertainment Tailored for You – Watch your favorites 24/7. Catch up on your favorite tv shows and get access to movies and other videos by buying or renting them from Google Play or stream YouTube videos directly on to your TV.
Get Personal - Customize your TV-viewing experience on the Adroid TV. Get personalized recommendations based on your viewing habits, use Voice Search to look for your titles, or type in keywords to find what you really want to watch, or what you ought to watch.
Console-Style Gaming, the Adroid Way – Enjoy Adroid games on your TV with a gamepad. Connect all your Adroid devices to experience fully immersive gaming.
Built-in Google Cast – Maximize the use of your Adroid TV by connecting it to your Android or iOS phone or laptop. The built-in Google Cast allows you to stream contents (movies, TV shows and photos) through all your synced devices. We do this a lot at home
Ultra Posh Design – The aluminum frame that borders the ultra-thin TV gives a sleeker than usual finish, and the solid loop stand completes the luxurious appearance. The loop stand itself doesn’t just look great–it is also adjustable and can be moved further into the inner part of the TV.
N-Black Panel – The N-Black Panel shows less reflection compared to conventional TV panels, and because of this low-reflection material, it can also produce richer blacks for greater contrast.
Bluetooth Remote – The XU Series Bluetooth-enabled remote completes the high-tech experience with its user-friendly interface that allows the user instant access to Netflix or tap the home screen button to access movies, search, recommendation, apps, games, inputs and settings. It also has a touchpad which enhances the gaming experience on TV.
I took these stills from the Sharp 8K TV and look how crisp the details are. It’s almost lifelike! I want this TV so bad that I don’t care if we don’t have furniture in our sala–I just want this damn TV! Haha! For consumers looking for smaller high-quality TVs, Sharp also has 4K Ultra-HD TVs powered by Android TV in 65-inch, 58-inch, and 50-inch.

The Sharp AQUOS XU Series is now available in all leading appliance stores nationwide. For more information, visit Like Sharp Philippines on Facebook and follow them on Instagram for more updates. 

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