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I Love Bitcoins, I am addicted to earning Bitcoins!! They are so easy to earn these days. If you haven't got your Bitcoin address yet, GET IT NOW! You will kick yourself if you don't !!! Bitcoins are money, and they are already being accepted as methods of payment all over the world, yes there are even bitcoin bank machines where you can withdraw them! 

There are so many great ways to earn, but I have found a couple of great places you can not only surf for credits to promote your own bitcoin links,  but you can surf these exchanges to earn your own free bitcoins. No mining required just surf and enter your bitcoin address every time you see the chance!! You will earn so quickly on your first day, you will be shocked! You will have found a new hobby while you sit and watch TV!! 

BitCoin Blizzard : Free Bitcoins Daily while surfing the best faucets  on the internet! Since there are so many people looking to earn bitcoins, it's also a great place to promote your own bitcoin referral links. What better place to promote them, then infront of thousands of eager bitcoin surfers. Everytime someone adds their bitcoin address on one of your referral pages YOU earn too ALL for FREE!! WIN WIN!! Join Today!!


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