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True beach lovers can't imagine their lives without surfing. It is perhaps one of the most affordable activities once you are at some great beach. The question is, "Where to find this best spot for the famous water sport?" I tried to find the answer. It is presented below. I laid out some possibly interesting surfing places for your next vacation.


Let's start with South Africa. The first most unique fact is the country has 2 oceans. 1700 miles of coastline at the tip of S. Africa. A vast number of tourists are attracted by the most beautiful beaches of one of the sweetest parts of African continent.


Easter Island aka Rapa Nui would be your best bet in May. A part of untouched wild Nature, the set of Islands, has its own inhabitants who follow their traditions for thousands of years.

The best swells of December can be seen on Hainan Island in China. Amazing waves mixed up with the sand hit the gaps of the rock surface on the island. 


The land of my own dreams, New Zealand, is recommended for surfing in April. Soft white sand, majestic mountain scenery and forests captivate tourists from all over the world. 


Best winter storms in Europe can be found in the freezing water of South West France. The shining sun makes the sport extremely exclusive in February. Filled with unusual emotions you will go back home truly enjoying your life and reminiscing every minute of your surfing life in France.


I want to finish this article by mentioning one more greatest surfing place - Australia.

I have never been to Australia. But I am aware of its active storm track. The majority of high quality surfing seekers choose Victoria, Australia to surf in...


There is so much you can explore on the mother Earth. Surf it...

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