Surgical Masks For Ebola

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Ebola is airborne. Ebola is not airborne. Someone in the world of science and healthcare better decide this one. The Center for Disease Control is now saying it is airborne. Most doctors are disagreeing. This is a biggy folks.

My daughter works in a New York hospital . They are being told it is airborne. There hospital is on high alert. This is something that needs a definitive answer and we need it yesterday.

I myself have to be in a New York airport in a few weeks. I am wondering if I should wear a surgical mask and winter gloves and put a scarf around my face. Ebola is not to be taken lightly . I am bringing Clorox wipes with me.

The clorox wipes are definitely a great idea - some hand sanitizer is a good idea too! There are people who wear masks in public all the time - it might not be a bad idea to start doing the same.They should make things cleared up to make people prepare themselves Congrats on being featured. we really need to take care of this Ebola disease its going to cause a lot of deaths.I have read it is transmitted by fluids, that means if a person sneezes on you or coughs on you, there is a chance you could contract it. that said I am not a medical practicioner and this is all rumors, it is best to ask someone who actually knows like a doctor. 

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