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Hi Everyone! 

I have come across this wonderful community today and I am but thrilled to share to you all that is about me and the things that I do. I find this site very helpful and can use up my time wisely. 

Let me first introduce myself. I am Sarah and I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Much to my surprise, I have become fond of cooking and food and it helped me a lot in completing my course. I do occasional test cooking and take amateur photos of it. What better thing to do is share it to all of you here.


I am excited to explore this community and share to you the things that interest me a lot at the moment and the things that I really love doing all the time. Most of the time I take photos of food and other crafts that I love to do. So I hope you will love what I will be sharing to all of you soon.

I will be sharing personal recipes and great experiences along my posts so I hope that you will frequently read and visit my posts. You can also send me personal e-mails with queries about cooking and other stuff that you would like to ask me about.

Thanks xoxo,


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l'm a Foodie who loves to hoard tea.

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