Survey Chat: A New Way of Earning bitMiles Loyalty Points (BM)

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To bitLanders & its Users:

First of all before going deep in discussing about my topic, I would like to introduce myself a little bit, Hye guys! my name is ==Muhammad Irfan== and I joined this super rewarding website as "<<-----Mirfan87------>>" for the sake of earning money through online work. And I have been successful to earn money from BitLanders by socializing. So since my joining here, this website has become my favorite socializing place and I recommend all of you to keep socializing here and keep attracting others to join this best rewarding platform. Earning on bitlanders is just from our "Quality Contents" which can be shared here in form of Movies, Blogs, Micro-blogs and Gallery or Albums. We can upload these contents to get reward here which is counted here in bitlanders as Buzz-Score

Okay Guys! as today my topic is not about these quality contents so things will get lengthy and off-road, so I am leaving here in discussing about bitlanders quality contents, and now I am back to my today's topic i.e. "SURVEY CHAT".

 As this new feature is a change here at bitLanders so I would like to share a quote about change here:-

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. (George Bernard Shaw)

Bitlanders teams is well aware about good changes so they have doing these changes as deem required. This is not the first change here at bitlanders, many changes have been made at this platform time to time for smooth running of this web. For example, Bitlanders introduced Global Chat (, Private Message in global chat, Activity Log in notification area for keep us known about our buzzers or visitors. Bitlanders were being invaded by many people in global chat in term of language so the team of bitlanders implemented a rule and English became the Global Chat language only. Now all others languages are prohibited or banned in global chat, instead a user can deal with any language in his/her private message or chat.

So, now you all can understand that bitlanders is always in touch with the running and smooth working of this unique platform which reward its users.    

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What is bitLanders survey chat & how it works?

"Survey Chat" is new feature introduced by bitlanders a couple of weeks ago and It's very easy to work or play with this new informative and challenging feature. As every user signs in and open Global Chat of bitlanders, a survey chat is started or loaded automatically and users just have to feeds ans to the questions which are asked by Auto Bots of Survey Chat. After loading of global chat instantly we see Hillary Summers asking questions from us about different things.  So instead of talking publicly to others users in Global Chat, now we can share our opinions or answers to bitlanders and hence we are awarded with 10 or 30 bit-Miles Loyalty Points (BM). Its very encouraging on part of bitlanders to share our thoughts with them to get reward. 


 Miss Hillary Summers asking question to users?


This above image is a typical look of Survey Chat, as a bot of Miss Hillary appears automatically after loading of Global Chat. And dear users don't wonder to see this bot. As this bot is going to every user and taking our opinions regarding a particular thing. So the basic of survey chat is get knowledge of different users against a particular question. 




 Recorded by me

BitLanders Added More Bots to Survey Chat:

 Keeping view of survey chat's importance and to enhance its popularity the team of bitlanders introduced two more bots as "Micky-Salerno" and also as "BitLanders". These bots also appears automatically and ask some questions. After giving ans to every question they reward us with BM points. The questions are related to different fields of areas like Sports, Politics, Social, Celebrities, etc. As the survey questions are not restricted to particular fields or area.So, every user can easily take part in this survey and earn some BM points


Bitlanders Survey Chat Bots (screenshots)



As the sole purpose of introducing Survey Chat is to reward users with some bitmiles points. So on giving ans to every question we get some bitmiles points and these points are added to our My Rewards with few minutes or after sometime as the score are calculated, For better understanding about this survey chat and earning bitlmiles points I am sharing the link of Micky's Blog. 

Your bitMiles points will be added within a few minutes, or at the next Buzz calculation (within 24 hours). You'll be able to see them in the 'Details section' of your Rewards page as "bitMiles applications and games."




This My Rewards can be opened by clicking on our total earning that is shown at top right of our bitlanders page side beside with avatar face and gems. so just after clicking on our total earning we can see the above My rewards page and under the button DETAILS at this page, we can find our earned bitmiles points. 




My opinion about Survey Chat:

No doubt this new feature is very healthy activity and good way of rewarding also. I personally take this new feature as game, a game that can increase our knowledge if we participate in it. It encourages me to get more knowledge about new things so that I may be able to ans those all questions that are asked by bots. So not only a new way of earning this feature is definitely a new of learning also. But there are always rooms for improvement in every thing. 



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