#SustainablePhilanthropy: An Interview with Alex Duran of Portfolios with Purpose

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In a recent video interview, Fereshteh Forough discussed investment and philanthropy with Alex Duran, founder of Permian Investment Partners. Duran explains how he works with philanthropic organizations in the interview, as well as how investments in developing countries can work.

Duran is heavily involved in an organization called Portfolios with Purpose, a non-profit organization founded by his wife, Stacey Asher. The site sponsors an annual stock selection competition for charity. Participants select five stocks and pay an entry fee, then select a charity. The winning portfolio gains all the entry fees for the selected charity. They also host a guest speaker fundraiser event, featuring industry notables like David Einhorn, who was named as one of the Time 100 alongside Roya Mahboob earlier this year.

Duran points out that investing heavily in any industry usually helps that industry grow - whether it’s education or even a developing country. As he says,

“Whenever you have investment funds focused on an industry, there’s going to be more capital available to those companies. As a result, you have higher enrollments, higher quality education, and hopefully more productive societies.”

Duran will be featured alongside other industry notables on a new Film Annex Web TV launching this September. The Hedgers, Bankers, and Thinkers Web TV will feature people like Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter and Jelly HQ CEO, and Cornell’s Dean Dutta. These interviews will focus on business and banking with a philanthropic twist.

While the Web TV will have a strong audience through the Film Annex network, the channel will also make extensive use of Internet Media Labs’ “Spider” technology to find dedicated audiences of thought leaders in the business sector.

Look for the Hedgers, Bankers, and Thinkers Web TV coming soon to Film Annex. In the meantime, view the original video interview with Alex Durian.

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