Sweating on a cold Sunday: Sinnside (part 5)

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I know it´s thursday and I could update earlier if I´m going to write about last sunday, but before writing anything else I wanted to check Sinnside´s takes and see if we had reached our goals or not.

After watching over 950 takes (that were shot in just 2 days with two camera units, Cayetano and Alfonso + myself), I can tell you that the result is pretty... unique and shocking. Believe me.

I programmed a very hard working plan for the day, we had to shoot 7 very difficult scenes with tons of different characters, practical and digital effects and action, so... It was a pretty difficult day, the team and myself got exhausted after finishing!

Also, having kids could have complicated everything... but they didn´t. Sincerely, I was amazed of how they answered to my orders, how they acted, the way they behaved during the whole shooting (they were a little bit afraid on some scenes because of the intensity of the takes but they reacted and realized everything was just make up and some camera movements)... And their parents, who were all the time there supporting their children and helping us to finish the production as we did, thank you so much!

Another important part of Sinnside has been the sponsorship. Sweetie Cakes, Mala Vida, Vualá Design, Cristina Moda, Dragomir Krasimirov (the adult fashion designer who came personally to the set in order to help us dressing everybody... such a great professional and better person!), Llumm Studios, Kika Lux, EP Models helped us so much... We couldn´t have done this without them!

And, of course and forever, I´ll be grateful to La Matandeta.

Helena and Rubén, owners of such a great place, were so amazing all the time, they let us shot there, never said no to any of our requests and prepared an amazing catering in order to make a great shooting ambience - among other favors they did for us. Sinnside could have never been Sinnside with them.

Here is part of the team, of the family. They were all great and I´m so thankful to them as well. And last but not least, Rafa & Eduardo Lis, from from Ryu Media, my support and coproducers along this project, in which they believed so wildly and madly as me.

Tonight we have Sinnside´s end of shooting party and we´ll celebrate together what a big effort it took to give birth to Sinnside but, as well, how fun it was.

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All pictures by Natxo Martínez.

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