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Cats are my favorite pets. They look so innocent and gentle, and can keep a high level of hygiene. Whenever I travel I always have fun seeing them on the streets and take them pictures. Especially in summer, I visit the seaside and, of course, plenty of cats live on the streets there, because they can eat fish. Cats are especially funny when they catch insects or little birds. The way they chase reminds me of a thief trying to break in a store. He-he.



I admire their independence and denial to obey and follow orders as dogs do. Same as me. I am planning to take a cat home soon. But this task is hard to achieve when you travel often because the pet will be lonely without you. Besides, a proper habitat for a pet is a backyard which I do not own. Maybe one day I will move to a house, and then I will take care of one cute little sweetie.


I do not mind having a cat with no breed, a street one. But mentioning breeds, the European Tabby is lovely. That is a striped short-haired cat, gray with black stripes. You might have heard of the Sphynx cat, which I consider very terrifying. Persians are nice but their hair is hard to keep clean and your home becomes hairy after them. If you are interested you can check many other breeds of cats here.


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