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The life always depends on some of the social and economical factors so keep it carry. Some people always try to see themselves a great person in their lives by following some other people around them. Some people build buildings in the air without any foundation and base which ultimately results in the shape of just dream which never fulfilled in his life. A person who is contented with his social and economic life never believe in false statements of the dreams but sometimes he is also willing to acquire something which is not in his possession or in some extra quantity. The wishes of a person does not ends at any stage as he gets a desired thing he starts to think about the next one which is out of his range so it is the dilemma of human beings that they are always in search of the better one for them

Sometimes these dreams take a person to the isolation or some other disappointed situation which he cannot bear and at the end he commits suicide or some other illegal social activities which will take them to some punishment or some other social restrictions which make him low in his social status or some other social prestige.


Social aspects of dreams

In the society people always seems to dislikes the dreams of others but they give an importance to their own dreams and they even sacrifice their lives to fulfill their sweet dreams in the society so it is the difference that dreams of their own are most important than others. People mostly in the society are willing to make sure their sweet dreams and hence they sometimes work hard to get their dreams sometimes their put their lives to high risk just to get their dreams.

Dreams as a source of encourage

People are most willing to find their dreams in reality so for which they sometimes work so hard that they are just looking forwards to their dreams not for their other interests in the society so for which they mostly succeeded and it shows that the sweet dreams were a source of the courage which made them a strong and willing person to reach the goal.



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