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Dreams as source of crimes

As the mostly people are willing to fulfill their dreams at any cost so for which sometimes they commit some social violation or some social crimes by which the society bear a great loss even much more than their little dreams so if we see the latent functions of some sweet dreams then we come to a point that they sometimes becomes so dangerous and harmful to the people of the society that they cause a social disorder in the society.

Islamic ways to acquire the dreams

In the Islamic way of acquire the dreams is the only way to work hard and other is the criteria that a true Muslim does not believe in dreams, he just lead a life of contended and always be thankful to Almighty ALLAH in all the times of joys or sorrows. A true Muslim always sacrifice

or ignores the worldly interests or benefits for his betterment at the time of judgments or in the life after death.


The dreams itself is not bad but the means to get it carry an importance as the people get them by some legal means is the best but the same dream acquired by some illegal ways is a source of social injustice and cause a social contention among people. The sweet dreams which are the source of some encourage and hardworking a very good and beneficial for the people and for society as it make people hardworking which ultimately leads to the social progress and development and prosperity of the people. But the dreams which cause the social disorder or some other social violation in the society and base the quarrels is the fake and faulty dreams and worst to the society and their residential as it produces some social crimes.

According to Karl Marx “social injustice kills more people than bombs and bullets.”

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