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Commands entered in the “(config)#” mode:
hostname name: used to define a hostname that is locally significant only.
enable password level number password: used to set user and enable mode passwords (by setting number to either 1 or 15 respectively). Password must be between 4 and 8 characters and is not case sensitive.
en secret password : used to set the enable password using the encryption service. This will override the non-secure password if set.
ip (address ipaddress subnetmask)/(default-gateway gatewayaddress): used to set the IP address and subnet mask, or the gateway.
mac-address-table aging-time time: sets the aging time of dynamic addresses in .
mac-address-table permanent address destinterface: used to define permanent addresses.
mac-address-table restricted static address destinterface sourceinterface: used to define restricted addresses.
switching-mode fragment-free/store-and-forward: used to set the switching mode.
vlan number name name: defines VLANs. number is 1-1000. VLAN 1 is the default VLAN and all ports are associated to it. Maximum of 64 VLANs on a switch.
vtp server/client/(domain name)/(password pw)/(pruning en/dis)/transparent/trap : configures VLAN Trunk Protocol . Pruning is enabled on the whole domain if it is enabled on a server.
cdp advertise-v2/(holdtime/timer seconds): used to configure CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) information.
interface (ethernet 0/1-25)/(fastethernet 0/26-27) : the Ethernet interfaces are numbered 1-24, plus the serial port for AUI at the back, and the FastEthernet uplink ports are numbered 26-27. There is only one slot, slot 0.
Commands entered in the “(config-if)#” or “(config-subif)#” mode:
duplex auto/full/full-flow-control/half : used to change the duplex settings on a given port. auto is the default for 100BaseTX ports, and half is the default for 10BaseTX ports.
description name: used to define a description for the interface. Name must have underscores rather than spaces. show run and show int 0/n will both show the descriptions set.
port secure max-mac-count number: will only allow number MAC addresses on the interface, and they will be permanent.
vlan-membership static/dynamic number: assigns a port to a VLAN. One VLAN per port unless trunking is used.
trunk auto/desirable/nonegotiate/on/off: used on the FastEthernet ports to enable trunking. All VLANs are allowed on the trunk by default.
no trunk-vlan number: to clear VLAN number from being trunked through this interface.
encapsulation isl vlan_number: in each subinterface of a trunk port, in order to support VLAN trunking.

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